With spring right around the corner, most of us start thinking about the great outdoors. Days are getting longer, the grass is growing, and our yards are begging for attention. Like many people, I’m starting to plan some projects in the yard.  Some are simple, like cutting and fertilizing the grass, while others are more involved, like tearing down a playhouse so I can build a block fire pit.  I’m fairly confident I can handle both these projects myself, and look forward to getting my hands dirty. There are some other projects I would like to do, but know that they exceed my skills and the amount of time I can dedicate to them.  I will need help!

Whether you are planning a simple DIY project, or something more complex like an outdoor fireplace or paver driveway, there is help out there.  Mutual Materials’ Single Source Solution program provides homeowners with the right level of support for their projects.  We will gladly provide you guidance for your DIY project including product selection help, basic design and installation instructions. We will also make sure you order all the supporting materials you need for whatever hardscape or masonry project you may have.  If you want to select your products, but have contractor bid the installation work, we will line you up with qualified companies that can do the work you need.

If you are interested in getting help with your project, please click here, fill out the basic information about your project and we will contact you shortly.  You can also go to our website at www.mutualmaterials.com for program and product information.  Good luck with your project!


Rob Rosson

Residential Sales Manager