Code Evolutions; Get In – Get Out: Circulation Design and Graceful Access and Egress

  • Date Fri, Dec 1, 2017 - 8:00am — 12:00pm
  • Venue Seattle City Hall - Bertha Knight Landes Room
    600 Fourth Ave
    Seattle, WA 98104

This session of our Code Evolutions series will examine the codes and regulations that apply to accessibility and egress. Building circulation systems should support the overall design intent and human uses of the building. Rules for accessibility and for emergency egress can enhance the circulation design to ensure that it is graceful and intuitive for users. When considered from the outset of design, all of the technical accessibility and egress  requirements can be used to support the overall circulation design. This seminar will consider the overall circulation schematic, as well as each component, from both the accessibility and egress viewpoints, to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all of the building’s users.