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Cleaners, Sealers, and Stabilizers

Mutual Materials offers a full line of masonry and hardscape cleaners, sealers, and stabilizers from Pave Tech and SureBond.

Pave Tech:
It's inevitable that your new, spotless paver patio will eventually get some stains, so we carry PAVERPREP from Pave Tech. PAVERPREP works great at removing efflorescence from any clay or concrete paver, or segmental retaining wall before they have been sealed. 
We also carry PaverGUARD from Pave Tech, which is a high-gloss acrylic sealer for concrete paver patios. When applied correctly this sealer will allow the color in your patio or walkway to endure for a longer period.
Finally, SandLOCK is a joint sand stabilizer additive for flexible and semi-rigid pavement systems. When activated with water, SandLOCK forms a natural, rubberized 'glue' that binds the joint sand. SandLOCK prevents loss of sand from wind, traffic, moisture, or thermal movement.
For more info on Pave Tech's products visit their website at
We carry SureBond's joint stabilizing sealers. These stabilizers work on paver surfaces by sealing the pavers and keeping the joint sand intact. For additional information on SureBond's product line visit their website at
Surface Logix:
We are now carrying Cobble Loc from Surface Logix. Cobble Loc is the newest technology in waterborne protection for paversand concrete. It allows the user to clean and seal in the same day. Unlike other clear finishes, Cobble Loc has excellent resistence to brake fluid, gasoline, bleach, and acids.