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Cements & Concretes

Mutual Materials offers a full line of Target cements and concretes. Please see below for a general description of each. Download the appropriate PDF file under "Downloadable Information" for more technical information.

Concrete Mix:
For projects requiring a thickness of at least two inches of concrete. Use for anchoring posts, patios, sidewalks, footings, deck supports and curbs. Available in 60 lb. and 80 lb. bags.

Topping Mix:
For concrete overlay projects requiring a thickness of 1/2 to 2 inches. Use for patching existing concrete sidewalks, driveways and floors. Available in 60 lb. bags.

Fast Setting:
Fast setting concrete that sets in 20 minutes and is ready for construction in 90 minutes. Use for slabs, footings and posts. Available in 60 lb. bags.

PSI 6000:
High-strength concrete for projects requiring high early strength. Use for cold-weather applications. Available in 60 lb. bags.

Lime Type S:
Hydrated lime, Type S, conforms to ASTM C-207. Use with Portland cement and sand for mortar (not used for lining fields or yards). Available in 50 lb. bags.

Portland Cement Type I-II:
Complies with all requirements of ASTM Specification C-150 for Type I and Type II Portland cement. Used with other ingredients in mortar and concrete. Available in 47 lb. and 94 lb. bags.

Black Top Patch:
A pre-blended asphalt for small patches to asphalt surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, playgrounds, etc. Available in 55 lb. bags.