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Whether you need sand for landscaping, setting pavers, creating a sandbox, or mixing mortar or concrete, Mutual Materials offers a sand that meets your needs. Each of our sand products is outlined below.

We also carry SandLOCK® Premix which comes alreayd mixed and ready to apply. Once applied it serves as a "glue" when activated with water. This prevents sand loss due to wind, traffic, moisture, or thermal movement. SandLOCK® Premix is non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally-friendly. Available in 50-pound bags, SandLOCK® Premix's coverage will vary with the size and shape of your pavers, as well as the width of the joints.

All Purpose Sand:
Sand used for concrete, masonry, paving, and many other projects. Available in 80 lb. bags.
Grade A Fine Sand:
Fine mortar sand. 2 mm minus gradation. Available in 80 lb. bags.
Play Sand:
A fine grade of sand that's been sterilized for your child's safety. Use for sand boxes, lawn and gardens, and weighted toys. Available in 50 lb. bags.
DESIGNMIX Paver Joint Sand:
Sand used for sweeping into joints of concrete paver, architectural slab and brick paver surfaces. Available in 80 lb. bags.
PolySweep Polymeric Joint Sand:
Joint sand with added polymers to assist in stabilizing interlocking paver joints.
PolySweep Polymeric X-Treme Wide Joint Sand:
Polymeric sand specifically designed for paver jobs with joints ranging from 1/8" to 4".
Traction Sand:
A coarse, multi-purpose sand used for traction on icy surfaces. Available in 60 lb. bags.
Lane Mountain Silica Sand:
White sand used for sand-blasting and with cement for patching. Available in 100 lb. bags.