Paver Entry

Nothing welcomes you home with more style than a concrete paver entry. Replace your cracked or stained concrete sidewalk with a new one made from pavers and you'll create the first impression you've always dreamed of. Not to mention the boost it will give to the value of your home.

Choose a project below for a few ideas.

Project Ideas:


Sequoia Cobblestone Entry
Sometimes simple is the most elegant choice.


Cobblestone Entry
Add interest to your front walk with designs and colors.


Expansive Cobblestone Entry
This home integrates it's driveway, parking areas, and entry into one welcoming area.


Eco-Stone Entry
Use Eco-Stone to create an environmentally friendly front walk.


Combine different colors of the same shape to create interesting patterns.


Pavers, combined with other architectural features, can add drama to your home's entrance.