• Iron Mountain Flagstone
  • Mountain Valley Flagstone
  • Mahogany
  • Birch Creek
  • Buckskin Flagstone
  • Buckskin Flagstone
  • Iron Mountain Flagstone Stairs
  • Iron Mountain Flagstone
  • Iron Mountain Flagstone Photo courtesy of Adam Gorski Landscapes
  • Flagstone Patio with Slimbrick Seating Wall Photo courtesy of Acorn Construction
  • Lone Pine
  • Pennsylvania Blue Stone Slabs
  • Variegated Pre-cut Blue Stone
  • Iron Mountain Flagstone
  • Iron Mountain Flagstone
  • Flagstone Patio RomanStack Fire Pit Project Completed by Hone Landscape Co
  • Variegated Blue Stone Job Completed by Blue Ridge Landscape Design
  • Variegated Blue Stone Job Completed by Blue Ridge Landscape Design
  • Flagstone Patio Project Completed by Dreamscapes
  • Blue Stone Flagstone Seating Wall - Black Horse with Blue Stone Treads
  • Blue Stone Flagstone


Flagstones are large, flat stones often used for patios, and pool decks. With thicknesses ranging from 3/4″ to 3″ flagstone colors range from brown and tan to blue, gold, and green. Flagstones can be sand-set or mortar-set.


  • Patio
  • Walkway

Next Steps

  • Flagstone

    • Black Treads
      Black Treads Smooth
    • Blue Stone Treads
      Blue Stone Treads Smooth
    • Blue Stone Tumbled Cobbles
      Blue Stone Tumbled Cobbles Smooth
    • Blue Stone Variegated Pre-Cut
      Blue Stone Variegated Pre-Cut Natural
    • Iron Mountain
      Iron Mountain Natural
    • Lavender
      Lavender Natural
    • Lone Pine Gold
      Lone Pine Gold Natural
    • Mahogany
      Mahogany Natural
    • Mica Slate Birch Creek
      Mica Slate Birch Creek Natural
    • Mica Slate Charcoal
      Mica Slate Charcoal Natural
    • Mountain Valley
      Mountain Valley Natural
    • Mountain Valley Squares & Recs
      Mountain Valley Squares & Recs Natural
    • Variegated 1-2"
      Variegated 1-2" Natural


“A flagstone walkway is an eye-catching enhancement to any outdoor space or garden.”

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