Corporate Social Responsibility

At Mutual Materials, we leverage our company’s objectives to impact our communities in which we live and work. By being a respected corporate citizen we believe we encourage our communities to positively pay the influence forward.

Every year we get involved in several local projects and encourage participation from our employees, vendors, and customers. We believe these actions help hold us accountable to our own mission statement and sustainability policy. Below are some examples of how we strive to make our community a better place.

Native Plant Salvage Foundation

Mutual Materials worked with the Native Plant Salvage Foundation in supporting NPSF’s educational initiative to promote permeable pavements as a solution to polluted runoff in our local waterways. Marty Njaa and Rick Crooks donated materials and trained volunteers by demonstrating how to install a small parking lot using permeable pavers.

Beginning of the installation The completed parking lot The volunteer crew

Café au Play at Tabor Commons

Typically stormwater runoff will pick up pollutants and carry them into storm drains, which then empty into our streams and waterways. We donated permeable pavers and man hours to Café au Play in Portland, Oregon, to alleviate runoff and divert stormwater into rain gardens. 

Permeable Paver Parking Lot The Volunteer Crew
(Photo courtesy of Josh Lighthipe)
Parking Lot Base Material

The Environmental Center - Bend, Oregon

The goal of the Environmental Center is to teach individuals how to instill sustainability into our everyday lives. Using the vacant lot next to their facility, the Environmental Center opened up a learning garden to teach local youths about the benefits of growing their own food and the skills to make it happen. Mutual Materials was happy to do our part by contributing our recycled Holland pavers and recycled ManorStone retaining wall to the project.

Environmental Center Recycled Hollands and ManorStone Recycled Hollands

Washington State University - Puyallup Research and Extension Center

We partnered with Appian Construction, Cal-Portland Cement, and Abbotsford Concrete Products to do a permeable interlocking concrete paver installation demonstration. The group installed a 1,200 square foot parking area to show low-impact development students the benefits of permeable pavers.

Showing the installation Spreading base rock Installing permeable pavers