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The Uni-Ecoloc paving system is a permeable heavy-duty pavement designed to reduce stormwater runoff on industrial and commercial pavements. Uni Ecoloc is a L-shaped interlocking concrete paver and part of the Uni-Anchorlock family of pavers. Ecoloc pavers provide a highly durable yet permeable pavement capable of supporting the highest vehicular loads. When installed, the unique patented design creates drainage openings in the pavement surface which facilitate rainwater infiltration exactly like the Eco-Stone system.

Ecoloc pavers are perfect for heavy-duty municipal, commercial, and industrial applications, including: Industrial Plants, Industrial Ports, Storage Depots, Industrial Parks, Military Installations, Factory Yards & Streets, Loading Docks, Container & Bus Terminals and Airport Taxiways, Maintenance & Hanger Areas.

Ecoloc is a registered trademark of Uni-Group U.S.A.

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