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Pisa2 Retaining Walls

Pisa2 offers the flexibility of design and the quarried stone appearance that architects, engineers, contractors and homeowners are looking for. Pisa2 retaining walls are the ideal way to handle grade changes in any landscape or garden project and can be used to increase the amount of usable space for patios and terraces.

Pisa2 units are manufactured in pairs, face to face. The rough surface is achieved by splitting the units apart using a 3 lb. hammer and 4" chisel. Pisa2 wall are easy to install and require little maintenance. The Pisa2 system is a complete retaining wall system that includes corners, lights, audio speakers and a choice of Revers-a Cap or Coping units to finish it. Curved wall, straight wall and steps can be constructed to take maximum advantage of the existing terrain.

Pisa2 can be used for gravity walls up to 4 feet (1.2 m) and reinforced walls up to 26 feet (7.8 m).

Pisa2 is a registered trademark of Risi Stone Systems.

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