2018 Kitchen and Design Trends With Slimbrick™

When you think about designing a scheme for your kitchen and bathrooms in your house, it probably feels important to not only be on trend, but also to create something that will be long-lasting and stay in style for a while. While some trends come and go, others endure for a long time. With our Slimbrick™, you’ll have all the options you need to create the perfect backsplash, accent wall or other design piece to complete your vision with a product that will be beautiful, long-lasting and stand up to everyday living.


4 Ways to Use Slimbrick to Bring the Hottest Trends into Your Kitchen and Bathroom


1. One of this year’s biggest trends in both kitchens and bathrooms is two-toned cabinetry.

Whether it’s one cabinet color with two tones mixed throughout or different colors for upper and lower cabinets, this is a popular kitchen design trend right now. What does this mean when it comes to using our Slimbrick product? It means you’ll have many options, including mixing and matching, when you are planning your kitchen or bathroom scheme.

If you have dark upper cabinets and light-colored lowers, you can use a couple different colors of Slimbrick to add a defining line of color in the middle of your backsplash or even create a pattern with colors that complement your cabinets perfectly. Since this brick also comes in a gloss or matte finish, you will have no trouble finding just the right style to accent your two-toned kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.


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2. Light-colored kitchens and bathrooms in white or gray color schemes.

Including everything from new construction to remodels, light-colored kitchen and bathroom schemes are distinctly on trend. Some people use whites and grays as an accent color, either as part of a backsplash or a whole wall to accent darker cabinets or countertops. Others go with an entire white or gray scheme with light colored walls, backsplash, countertops, cabinets, appliances, and even more. Whatever your personal style, you can accomplish this bath and kitchen design trend with Slimbrick in whites or grays.

In 2018, subway tile is making its way out of popularity making way for material with more depth and variety in shape and design. Unlike a lot of subway style tile used in backsplashes and accent walls, Slimbrick will give your design a modern look that includes textual character and visual depth. This can set your kitchen and bathroom designs apart from your friends and neighbors. Another important aspect of this product is that it’s washable and waterproof, making it the perfect choice for these living areas.


3. Vibrant color schemes for kitchens and bathrooms are trending.

Rather than sticking with neutral gray and white colors, many homeowners and designers are going with bolder, statement looks in their kitchen and bathroom designs by adding either pops of vibrant color or using bright, bold colors as the main part of the scheme. One of the most popular of all of the bold colors being used in 2018 is blue, anything from light to dark shades. Our glazed Slimbrick product line includes colors that are truly bold, including our popular Cobalt blue with a gloss finish. This trendy color is perfect if you want to add streaks of color or want to use it as the focal part of your kitchen or bathroom design scheme.

The beauty of using vibrant, yet attractive colors in kitchen and bathroom design schemes is that you don’t have to match exactly. Our Cranberry Slimbrick with matte finish has a more traditional, red brick color to it that can complement and go alongside with many other shades of red.

Glazed Slimbrick Cranberry

4. Slimbrick interior kitchen or bath accent and feature walls.

The use of Slimbrick expands to more than just kitchen walls, backsplashes, and enclosed shower spaces in bathrooms. With the idea of open concept living being so popular, designing an accent wall or continuing the backsplash in your kitchen and bathrooms to run the length of a larger area is a popular design trend. If a fresh coat of paint can have a huge effect on the look of a room, imagine the effect an accent wall with multiple colors and patterns could have on the character of your home!

For those that have space in their master bathroom, designing a walk-in shower with no door and floor to ceiling Slimbrick would put you right on trend with what’s hot right now. You can use multiple colors or just one depending on your color scheme and look you want to achieve, but the waterproof and washable aspect of Slimbrick make it the perfect choice for a project like this.

No matter what your choice or preference is in color or design for your kitchen and bathroom spaces, Slimbrick can give you a perfect balance of choices of modern colors and styles combined with the timeless texture and durability of natural brick.


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