Brick Clicks Contractor Newsletter – May


Created to serve as a quick reference book for all of our masonry and hardscape products, our new Product Selection Guide shows all colors, sizes, patterns and technical data for our entire product line.


This year’s Housing Design Forum will focus on single-family residential design, and will be divided into three sessions: inspiration, innovation and impact.


Ledgestones are flat building stones 3″ to 6″ thick in a variety of lengths. They can be dry-stacked or set with mortar.


Rainscreen wall systems are a growing segment of the masonry market. More than just a veneer or façade, the systems are an efficient response to managing moisture, vapor, air and thermal transfer.


There’s been a lot of talk about how the construction industry can boost productivity — a new study by TSheets sheds light on why this is a concern.


Living Future unConference is the leading event in regenerative design. In May 2018, a global community of changemakers will converge at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland to turn ideas into action!