August Brick Clicks

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This webinar will review the design assumptions for strength design, and look at the design of beams, bearing walls, and shear walls using strength design. Practical design methods and tips will be provided for each member type, and examples will illustrate the design process.


Award winners and honorable mention honorees will be recognized during the 2017 Hardscape North America trade show at the HNA Awards Recognition Ceremony and will be featured in Interlock Design magazine, the HNA website and several other industry publications.


Mutual Materials is committed to masons, architects and engineers as the Pacific Northwest’s leading manufacturer of high quality brick.


An interesting article with tips on decreasing costs and increasing profits.


The 2017 Brick in Architecture Awards were presented to 35 winners in 19 states for outstanding and resilient design that incorporates clay brick.


While many contractors may be apprehensive toward new modeling techniques involved in masonry projects, one large initiative aims to give the trade a seat at the table with designers and architects.