Best Material For The Job – Patios

Outdoor living areas and cozy patios create endless opportunities by providing homeowners’ additional spaces for entertaining and can be used all year-round regardless of where you live. In the Northwest, our summers are beautiful but our falls and winters are rainy and cold which can make it tough when entertaining. Regardless of where you live, planning your outdoor living space requires durable materials which are easy to clean and require little to no maintenance. When choosing materials, ensure materials are chosen that won’t separate or crack. Even though you can choose a simple poured concrete patio, options like concreate pavers, porcelain slabs or natural stone will enhance your outdoor living space while showing off your unique and individual outdoor living style.

Clay Pavers

Clay pavers, like our Mica Tile, provide a warm, rustic ambiance to any patio. Available in a variety of thicknesses, the design options are almost endless. Similar in look to brick, clay pavers are available in a variety of warm earth tones, meant to complement any outdoor environment.

Available in rectangular shapes, they have a neat, classic look, and the warmth of the colors will brighten your outdoor getaway. Whether a rectangular or circular pattern is used, their design goes with any décor, either laid back or more formal.

Pavers are lightweight and easy to handle for DIY’ers and they can be set in a sand or mortar. And broken pavers aren’t a problem, as they can be easily removed and replaced as needed. This allows you to keep your patio looking brand new year after year.

Clay Brick Pavers
Roman Clay Pavers

Slate Finish Pavers

Our slate finish pavers, Dominion Slate, provide a look mimicking natural stone with the affordability of concrete. They are available in three sizes/shapes: square, rectangle, and large rectangle. These shapes give you the ability to be creative with your layout, while maintaining uniformity. The color options are a blend of natural stone colors.

Plank Pavers

Looking more like a hardwood floor than a patio, our plank pavers offer a unique look for both commercial and residential patios and hardscapes. These long, skinny pavers are good for walkways, parks, and patios.

Plank pavers are available in Charcoal and a blend of earth tones called Northwest Blend. They will complement any décor and offer a variety of pattern options to make your patio design unique.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers, like Eco-Priora provide the support and structure of concrete while allowing stormwater to filter through the material and recharge the groundwater. The filtration removes pollutants and other solids as the water seeps through them, making them a great choice for vehicular traffic areas as well.

TurfStone is an open grid paver that provides the structural strength to support occasional traffic, while allowing grass to grow in the open spaces within each unit. These pavers provide excellent erosion control and soil stabilization, whether on flat surfaces or sloped embankments. For a unique look, try planting an alternative ground cover like Irish Moss, instead of grass.

Architectural Slabs

For a different look altogether, use our large-format architectural slabs as the base for your outdoor living space. They come in rectangular and square shapes in a wide variety of colors making artistic patterns possible. And their larger size means there are less pieces to install.

We have three types of architectural slabs – smooth, slate and porcelain. Glacier Slate slabs have a wavy texture that mimics natural stone, while our Vancouver Bay slabs have a more smooth, contemporary look. Our porcelain slabs come from Italy and are similar in feel to interior tile. They are also stain-, slip-, and scratch-resistant – perfect for outdoor living spaces.

Glacier Slate – Charcoal
Photo Courtesy of Paradise Restored


If you are looking for a completely natural material for your patio, you go with flagstone. These cut pieces sourced from a variety of quarries provide a rich spectrum of colors that makes them more interesting than standard concrete or pavers. Flagstone is durable and has natural ridges that provide traction even when the surface is wet.

Their irregular shapes make laying a patio a form of art. A diverse array of natural colors is available, meant to complement each other when placed together.

Choosing the Right Material

Your choice of patio material will depend on the look you want to achieve and the amount of time you will spend outdoors. All of the materials above are durable, aesthetically pleasing, weather-resistant, and can range from traditional to rustic to contemporary.

If you need more ideas for your patio project, download our Idea Book or contact one of our stores to talk to our material and design experts.