Brick Clicks February 7th

Brick Clicks - Industry News for Masonry and Hardscapes

If you’re going to The Northwest Flower & Garden Show stop by our booth (#401) to check out the latest hardscape products.


This permeable driveway serves as a 1,700 cubic foot detention zone for stormwater pumped 250’ from a far corner of the backyard that used to be a large recurring puddle.


Each year, the ASLA Professional Awards honor the best in landscape architecture from around the globe, while the ASLA Student Awards give us a glimpse into the future of the profession.


From the color of your truck, your house and your jacket to the color of tools, pills, buildings, dishes and product packaging, there’s a concerted effort to attract your attention, your approval, and yes, your money, through the use of color.


Sometimes called filter fabric, geotextile is made of synthetic fibers formed into a sheet that are designed to allow water and gases to pass through them, while retain soil particles.


The Slaton™ paving system provides a random natural flagstone appearance and can be installed efficiently in a variety of projects. The shape of each unit is the same, available in six different face patterns.