Brick Clicks – January 31, 2017

Brick Clicks - Industry News for Masonry and Hardscapes

We recently closed our Mukilteo branch and opened our new location in Marysville at 1410 Grove St. Also our Bellingham branch moved a block south to 4050 Bakerview Spur.

We tend to hire people like ourselves – when we should be hiring people to compensate for our weaknesses.

This March 7th webinar is for ICPI members only. Fee is $20.

Brick options continue to evolve for virtually endless aesthetic flexibility.

However, the industry is currently trying to develop new ways to reinvigorate the profession while dealing with an aging workforce.

Mutual Materials‘s insight:

Are you guys using drones to check to the quality of your work?

Imported from Italy, porcelain architectural slabs elevate outdoor living atmospheres to a new level of sophistication and modern elegance. With colors and texture styles that mirror modern interior tile design, outdoor porcelain paver slabs allow the extension of interior design into outdoor living areas. Designed with a European contemporary style, porcelain architectural slabs are suitable for both commercial …