Environmentally Responsible Urban Design: Seattle’s South Lake Union Discovery Center

“Protecting the water quality of Lake Union is very important to Vulcan. Pervious pavement plays a key role in allowing rainwater run-off to be cleaned and filtered before it enters the lake.”

– Ada M. Healey, Vice President for Real Estate, Vulcan, Inc.

The South Lake Union Discovery Center showcases the past, present and future of Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. Developed by Vulcan, Inc., a Paul G. Allen company, the 11,000-square-foot Center features state-of-the-art models and exhibits.

In keeping with Vulcan’s eco-friendly goals for its 60 acres in the South Lake Union neighborhood, the Discovery Center was designed by architectural firm Miller/Hull to a high standard of environmental responsibility.

One priority for for Vulcan and for the City of Seattle was to design for the reduction of run-off pollutants entering into Lake Union. To prevent harm to the lake’s native fish population, steps are taken to slow storm water runoff, allowing it to be re-absorbed into the ground for natural cleaning and filtering before reaching the lake.

Two of the measure designed in for this are: 
     1) A pair of bio swales flanking the building
     2) Using permeable pavers for their parking lot surface.

Permeable Pavers use:  Mutual Materials® Eco-Stone® 

Click to view the virtual tour of South Lake Union Discovery Center. 

Developer: Vulcan, Inc.
Architect: Miller/Hull
Contractor: GLY Construction
Mutual Materials Products: About Eco-Stone® permeable pavers

mm eco stone permeable paversAbout Eco-Stone® permeable pavers:
Eco-Stone is an innovative, environmentally beneficial permeable paving system that allows rainwater infiltration. Excellent for driveways, parking areas and patios; easily supporting the weight of cars, trucks and RVs