New Products for 2017!

We have enhanced our hardscape product line, so you now have even more options when it comes to designing your project. Check out our new additions below.



Roman Cobblestone

Two sizes have been added to complement the original 7” x 9” Roman Cobblestone – a 6” x 7” unit and a 3” x 7” unit. This will allow you to be more creative with your designs while still getting the worn look of this paver.



Holland Series

In addition to our Holland and Double Holland pavers, we have added a Triple Holland. This 12” x 8” unit will again provide you more options when planning a patio or walkway, expanding on our most basic paver. Note: we are phasing out our Half Holland pavers, but will continue to sell them as long as they are in inventory.



Plank Pavers

Plank pavers are back! We have reintroduced this paver, with a slight change. Where the original plank paver had a thickness of 10 cm, our new version has the standard 6 cm thickness. This makes it easier to install, but less ideal for commercial applications where vehicular traffic is needed.


Slaton Paving Slabs

Designed to look like flagstone, Slaton Paving Slabs are comprised of six similar units all with different false joints to give a surface the more natural look of stone. Because of their size, Slaton Paving Slabs can be installed efficiently.

We are always looking to provide our customers more options for their projects, so keep checking back to see what’s new in our product offering.