• Curved Garden Path with Dominion pavers - Harvest Blend
  • Walkway built with Dominion pavers - Harvest Blend
  • Path with Dominion pavers- Summit Blend
  • Summit Blend
  • Dominion - Summit Blend
  • Summit Blend
  • Summit Blend
  • Roman Dominion - Summit Blend

Garden Paths – Dominion™

Dominion™ pavers are part of the Mutual Materials Mediterranean Series hardscape products. The pavers come in three sizes to create diverse patterns and lend well to creating walkways and garden paths. Dominion pavers have been tumbled for rounded corners and a worn texture lending European design styles.

Here are some examples of paths and walkways that have been built with Dominion pavers.

Products Used

  • Mediterranean Pavers
  • Mediterranean Pavers


“A backyard designed for entertaining makes time at home feel like paradise.”


“What would you rather be doing on a summer afternoon? Mowing the lawn? Or relaxing with friends and family in your backyard?”

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