• Going Green at the Beach, Built Green House
  • Eco-Stone Patio with RomanStack Retaining Wall

Going Green at the Beach

  • Location Stanwood, WA
  • Owners Dave & Anna Porter
  • Builder Chaffey Homes
  • Contractor Frog on a Log Parks
  • Architect GMS Architectural Group

When Dave and Anna Porter decided to rebuild their 100-year-old cabin on Warm Beach in Stanwood, 50 miles north of Seattle, they wanted to make it a “model of sustainability”. Along with their team of architects, builders, contractors, and product manufacturers, they succeeded admirably. “Going Green at the Beach” met the standards of six major green certification programs: Built Green, ENERGY STAR Homes, LEED for Homes, American Lung Association, Health House, and Environments for Living.

Their journey was also made public, with tours, a website, and coverage in both local and national media. The project was even featured on an episode of “Renovation Nation” on the Planet Green cable network.

Given the project’s location on a bay connecting to Puget Sound, the Porters took extraordinary care to reduce surface water runoff, implementing strategies that included installing permeable pavers. Permeable hardscape materials allow storm water to be cooled, filtered, and cleansed naturally before entering waterways, which reduces pollution and other disturbances to sensitive marine ecosystems.

For the home’s central courtyard, the Porters chose Mutual Materials® Eco-Stone® permeable paving system and their raised flower garden is supported by a StackStone® retaining wall system.

Products Used

  • Permeable Pavers
  • Mediterranean Retaining Walls

Even in a 100-year storm event in December 2008, the paver system allowed all the stormwater to infiltrate, reducing the risk of a sewer overflow into nearbay Elliott Bay.

The success of the design and installation resulted from a continuous balancing act between Sustainable and Streetscape design opportunities with the use of high-quality materials and construction details. Eco-Priora allowed us to meet both criteria.

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