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ROX PRO Natural Modular Stone Systems

Please choose a shape below for detailed dimensions, packaging information and stocking colors.

Shape / Color Collections:


Ledgestone Panels

ROX PRO Ledgestone Panels are hand selected and trimmed pieces of natural ledgestones affixed together to form modular panels, allowing for streamlined installation of drystacked ledgestone veneer.

Craftsman Panels

ROX PRO Craftsman panels are hand selected and trimmed pieces of natural stones affixed to form modular panels. The thinner profile, lightweight and unique clefting inherent to the Craftsman style panel will compliment a wide range of design criteria wherever natural stone is desired.

ROX PRO Flagmats are hand selected and trimmed flagstone pieces adhered to mesh matting allowing for modular installation of flagstone paving. ROX PRO Flagmats enable the installer to set up to 5.4 square foot sections down at a time, avoiding the labor intensive task of cutting, fitting and placing normal flagstone.

Add simplicity and beauty to your next fencing project. ROX PRO columns are hand-selected pieces of natural stone set in to a concrete block  mold to form a stackable ledgestone column block. The finished outside dimension is approximately 18" x 18" square and 12" high. ROX PRO Column Blocks can be topped with 21" capstones in complimentary colors.


Alpine Jade - Limestone with moderately variable deep green and gray hues. Weathered surfaces in the Ledgestone introduce some brown and tan highlights. Alpine Jade is particularly suited to rainy climates, where the richest hues are richer when wet.
Autumn Horizon - Slate with highly variable gray and reddish-brown with light and dark rust overtones. Weathered surfaces in the Ledgestone have deeper tones of brown and rust. Ever popular, Autumn Horizon is a rich and pleasing color.
Placer Gold - Limestone with highly variable gold and gray hues. The color ranges from off-white to dark gray with overtones and weathered surfaces ranging from light yellow through the deep orange on the Ledgestone. The popularity of this color stems from the beautiful texture of the stone surfaces and the broad palette of design hues the stone compliments.
Rocky Mountain - Schist with moderately variable gray and bronze-brown hues. Like the Alpine Jade, Rocky Mountain is well-suited to the Northwest and mountainous areas, as its rich brown hues are intensified when wet. The depth of the color range makes Rocky Mountain a good compliment to many different design schemes and is endlessly enjoyable to look at. Rocky Mountain is only offered in Ledgestone.
Sierra Blue - Limestone with mildly variable greenish-blue and gray hues. The weathered surfaces exhibit some tans and rust in Ledgestone Panels. Craftsman and Flagmat, however, are highly uniform in color. In comparison with Alpine Jade, Sierra Blue’s hues are lighter in color and less variable, but also do well in the rainy climate in the Northwest because the full depth of the color is apparent when wet.

Color photographs show the general appearance of color and texture ranges. However, due to the limitations of photography and the internet, final color and product selection should be made from actual samples. The actual product shipped is not guaranteed to match the photograph.