Our customers are professional architects, designers, builders, masons, landscapers and residential homeowners.  


At the office everyone is so polite and they will help you to find right stuff for your project. Jennifer she is an awesome person she is the best! Always ready to help people.

Rohit R Customer

Great place to get masonry stuff. The staff is beyond helpful and all of the team members at the Spokane store have a vast knowledge of all of the masonry products that they carry. Definitely recommend

Clarence B. Customer

I’ve purchased various products through Mutual Materials throughout our house building project. Every time I’ve been in there, the staff has been helpful and friendly. I’ll keep going back for future needs for sure.

Jacob h> Customer

Very courteous and professional service. I was out in minutes with exactly what I came for.

Matthew M Customer in Vancouver, WA

Great people and service.

Heather Adams Customer in Clackamas

Great helpful staff. Been going here for years.

T. Lider Customer in Port Orchard

Great service and great employees!

Kevin Bergh Marquee Masonry

The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable that it makes it easy to refer our customers to go to Mutual Material to choose their product. Nine times out of ten they find what they are looking for and are pleased with the ease of the process.

“A well-deserved note to thank you very much for your time, expertise and assistance with our new Holland Paver Patio…Bottom Line: We are very happy with the new patio and my wife celebrated a friend’s birthday with a function for 10 ladies last week. Thanks again for your dedication to customer service for a very small project, it was really appreciated.”



Bruce & Sandra Thornton Homeowners

Mutual Materials was instrumental in providing a great color match and timely delivery of the product as well as resolving complex details where masonry was suspended overhead in the commons.  They were a great team player.

“Mutual Materials CMU enabled us the flexibility and freedom to achieve a contemporary building using a timeless material.  The Renton School District will benefit from the durability and maintainability of this material for years to come.”

The success of the design and installation resulted from a continuous balancing act between Sustainable and Streetscape design opportunities with the use of high-quality materials and construction details. Eco-Priora allowed us to meet both criteria.

Eric Schmidt Principal Cascade Design Collaboriative


“Classic Used Slimbrick is a “go-to” element for MOD Pizza because it adds an organic touch, giving new construction a warm, aged look.”

Katie O'Donnell Store Development Program Manager MOD Pizza

Living in a sensitive marine environment, we appreciate how well our Mutual Materials permeable pavers allow stormwater to filter through the soil instead of carrying harmful chemicals into the bay.

Anna Porter Homeowner

Even in a 100-year storm event in December 2008, the paver system allowed all the stormwater to infiltrate, reducing the risk of a sewer overflow into nearbay Elliott Bay.

EcoStone not only addresses our water drainage issues, you’re also addressing the overall streetscapes in our community. The texture, the patterns and colors provide great scale for walkable communities and adds to the quality of life.