Clay Pavers

Wondering how to make your walkway, driveway, or patio stand out? Clay Pavers are as beautiful as they are durable. During manufacture, the clay undergoes a hard firing in a kiln to create durability. The process ensures that each clay brick paver displays a rich color palette and withstands fading from sunlight in your outdoor living space. As a result, this hardscape flooring material is a popular choice for homeowners for paver patios, courtyards, walkways, and brick face walls. One of the best features of clay pavers is that their color never fades.

Installing Clay Pavers is a Snap

When using polymeric sand, red clay bricks will stay in place. Sweep the material between the bricks and it will harden when you water the surface. In this way, sand-set clay patio paver jointing is quick and simple. Boost the great looks of the installation with a clean edge. You can construct even large paving surfaces with properly jointed clay driveway pavers. Consider various paver patterns to design something interesting, like a basketweave or running bond pattern.

Which size is right for you? For the rustic good looks of yesteryear, Pioneer used is a great choice. Find all the brick paving and clay paving materials and other masonry units you need for your DIY home improvement projects at Mutual Materials!

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