Permeable Pavers

Permeable driveway pavers can help alleviate all manner of groundwater and stormwater issues while safeguarding water quality and protecting against the infiltration of pollutants. They allow water to permeate directly into the ground where it is filtered before finding its way into our water system. In addition, permeable pavers can reduce runoff and soil erosion. The use of permeable interlocking concrete pavers or permeable pavement is becoming much more common as they are becoming mandatory in many municipalities for these very reasons and many companies are using them when seeking higher LEED certifications and the tax breaks they bring.

If stormwater management has become a problem on your property are PICPs the answer? PICPs (permeable interlocking concrete pavement) are specially engineered system of pavers that allow water to permeate into the soil instead of turning into runoff. For our most common permeable pavers, check out our Holland HerringboneEco-PrioraUni Ecoloc, and Uni-Eco-Stone pavers. Another more rugged permeable option is Turfstone where the grid-like design allows greenery to grow through them.

Whether you are a DIY homeowner, landscape architect, or a contractor looking for help with erosion control, eliminating a heat island, or wanting to live closer to EPA standards by improving permeability, is the place for you. If you are in the Pacific Northwest region, we have branches that you can pick up products or receive pallets delivered to your home or job site. Contact us today to learn more!

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