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Masonry iQ™ – A Revit® Plug-in for Clay on Concrete Masonry Design

As Building Information Modeling (BIM), continues to grow in popularity, many in the architectural community have run into challenges modeling masonry projects in Revit®. The default practice of Revit® is to model all walls with system families, which define the thickness and characteristics of the layers within the wall, without accommodating individual masonry units. This limits the ability of the designer to model coursing, bonding, wall reveals and sweeps.

Now there’s a plug-in for Revit® from Masonry iQ™ that makes designing with concrete and clay masonry easier. This plug-in allows you to create patterns, render materials, and produce contract document details, without ever having to leave Revit®. You can also drag-and-drop products from local manufacturers (including Mutual Materials) and see your specified patterns, colors, and textures in seconds. There is also a rendering feature that can be used to show custom blended colors!

Additional benefits of Masonry iQ™ include:

• The ability to produce automated sections and plan view details
• Audits masonry layouts for modularity and field cuts
• Validate the relationship of fenestrations to patterns
• Manage movement joint locations

Check out the video below to see an overview of how Masonry iQ™ works with Revit®.

We are offering our customers Masonry iQ™ for free to improve your ability to design and detail masonry projects. For your free access to Masonry iQ™, please fill out the form below. A representative from Masonry iQ™ will be in touch to get you started!

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