Slimbrick® Thin Brick Tile

Slimbrick Thin Brick Tiles for Interiors & Exteriors

Is there an alternative when standard bricks are not a good option for your structural needs? In fact, thin brick products offer builders the option of constructing with frames weighing considerably less than traditional building projects. Therefore, you might use it for tall structures and for interior decorative purposes. Homeowners frequently request glazed thin brick veneer backsplashes for chef kitchens in remodels. In this setting, the brick takes on the function of tiles but offers far superior texturing and durability.

Many of our most popular colors and styles of Slimbrick are available through the Mutual Materials Online Store.

Using Thin Brick Products for Façade Upgrades

In addition to structural uses, flat bricks also work well to create upgrades for a façade. For example, you might consider brick siding, partial brick accents, and associated walkway projects. Masonry experts have successfully used red brick veneer tile to change the look of a nondescript home to have a Spanish flair. Besides that, you can also artificially age the structure with the integration of custom-blended brick tones. For interior uses, you cannot go wrong with real thin brick.

Did you know that these thinner brick products are not just for the residential market? Look around, and you are bound to notice thin brick pavers in front of malls and sports venues. They are durable, look great, and are tremendously versatile. You also see them as exterior brick veneer on corporate buildings.


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