Architectural Series Slimbrick® Brick Veneer

The Architectural Series is the special order color range for Slimbrick®.

How do you pick out the best color for your masonry? Manufacturers make brick veneer in a number of attractive shades. They include traditional pastels as well as iron wash tones. In this way, your brick siding takes the lead in setting the tone for the structure’s overall impression. It puts you in the unique position of adding pizzazz to even the more mundane projects.

Getting Started with Using Brick Veneer

Choose the brick veneer siding that has the appearance you like. It may be in the shades of reds and browns or focus more on grays and whites. Next, calculate the footage of the exterior brick veneer you need. Some customers like to add accent pieces to building corners. Finally, reinforce architectural brick veneer as required by the code.

Do you want to take the beauty of the structural material indoors? Thin brick veneer looks great around the fireplace. In the alternative, give the interior an industrial-style pizzazz with a brick wall. Thinner than traditional face brick, thin masonry works well for this use.

Use Slimbrick for any building exterior veneer application.  Slimbrick can be used indoors and is popular for restaurant interiors, hotel lobbies, offices, and retail stores. Essentially you can design a brick wall into any environment using Slimbrick tiles.

Often times buildings with lighter frames cannot support the weight of full-size brick on higher elevations; Slimbrick masonry siding provides the solution. With rich colors that will endure for decades without fading, Slimbrick is a flexible design and construction material.

Stay Green and Save Green with Slimbrick

Inherently eco-friendly, Mutual Materials’ Slimbrick genuine clay masonry may help contribute to LEED points because it is locally manufactured, includes post-industrial recycled content, and has 84% less embodied energy than structural brick. Slimbrick meets all the appropriate (ASTM 1088) standards for thin brick veneer. In addition to providing the aesthetic value of full brick, our Slimbrick also offers the same thermal, acoustic and fire protection.

Mutual Materials Slimbrick meets ASTM C 1088.

Mutual Materials Co. accepts no liability or responsibility for the misuse of products purchased which includes, but is not limited to, improper installation and/or application of product. 


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Next Steps

  • Traditional Reds & Browns

    • Old University
      Old University
    • Vancouver Used
      Vancouver Used
    • Homestead Used
      Homestead Used
  • Traditional Pastels

    • Ashland
    • Chateau Gray
      Chateau Gray
    • Sierra Mist
      Sierra Mist
    • Harbor Mist
      Harbor Mist
    • Canyon Mist
      Canyon Mist
  • Traditional Iron Wash

    • Windsor
    • Sheffield
    • Coal Creek
      Coal Creek Slimbrick
    • Midnight Sky
      Midnight Sky
  • Traditional Tumbled Used

    • Mutual Used
      Mutual Used Tumbled Used
    • Classic Used
      Classic Used Tumbled Used
    • Westport Used
      Westport Used Tumbled Used
  • Residential Slimbrick Colors

    • Classic Used
      Classic Used Tumbled Used
    • Covington
    • Forest Blend
      Forest Blend Mission
    • Inca
      Inca Mission
    • Mutual Used
      Mutual Used Tumbled Used
  • Reds and Browns

    • Ebony
      Ebony Mission
    • Mauna Loa
      Mauna Loa Mission
    • Teal Brown
      Teal Brown Mission
    • Chestnut
      Chestnut Mission
    • Vintage
      Vintage Mission
    • Burgundy
      Burgundy Mission
    • Inca
      Inca Mission
    • Imperial Red
      Imperial Red Mission
    • Red Varitone
      Red Varitone Mission
    • Amber Rose
      Amber Rose Mission
    • Sienna
      Sienna Mission
    • Brown Varitone
      Brown Varitone Mission
    • Sepia
      Sepia Mission
    • Tan Terra
      Tan Terra Mission
    • Goldenrod
      Goldenrod Mission
  • Grays and Whites

    • Desert White
      Desert White Slimbrick
    • Modified Granite
      Modified Granite Slimbrick
    • Limestone
      Limestone Slimbrick
    • Castle Gray
      Castle Gray Slimbrick
    • Aspen
      Aspen Slimbrick
    • Pewter
      Pewter Slimbrick
    • Mediterranean
      Mediterranean Slimbrick
    • Imperial Gray
      Imperial Gray Slimbrick
    • Redondo Gray
      Redondo Gray Slimbrick
    • Sea Gray
      Sea Gray Slimbrick
    • Seattle Cream
      Seattle Cream Slimbrick
    • Wheat
      Wheat Slimbrick
    • Goldenrod
      Goldenrod Slimbrick

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