Brick Sealers and Cleaners

How do you restore the great looks of long-lasting brick walls, pavers, and other stone or brick surfaces? For the discoloration caused by moss, mildew, grime, moisture, and prolonged water exposure, there are brick cleaners that dissolve the organic pollutants. They remove the greenish tint you frequently see in garden settings and bring out the beautiful red colors again. No matter the type of brick, with a tough cleaning solution, a high pressure washer, and a bristle brush, cleaning brick and removing stubborn stains becomes easy. Not only will you be able to remove surface dirt, but these DIY cleaning products also remove mortar stains in the mortar joints and surrounding areas. Follow up this treatment with brick sealers to minimize the ability of organic matter to grow in the crevices. Also, it maintains the bricks at the height of cleanliness.

Some of our sealers and cleaners are available for online purchase through our Mutual Materials Online Store

Keeping Brick Cleaners on Hand When Upgrading the Look of Your Stones with Sealants

While stone sealer is an excellent product for preventing stains from various sources, they also have different uses. For example, some homeowners like the look of wet rock, which some sealants mimic. You can then occasionally follow up the treatment with a stone cleaner to keep the product looking fantastic. It maintains the treated stone’s appearance while also making another sealant application unnecessary. However, a natural stone sealer should be applied occasionally particularly when working with light-colored products such as travertine.

Does your exterior brick façade need a good cleaning? Specialized masonry cleaners let you take stock of whether you want to make changes to the façade. This is of particular importance when you are thinking of adding pigment or replacing some bricks. When you do decide to go ahead, face bricks work well.

Mutual Materials offers a full line of masonry cleaners and sealers for brick, Cultured Stone and natural stone.  We carry products from Eaco Chem, Fabrikem, and SureBond. Your Mutual Materials branch can recommend the right cleaning method for your project.

Follow directions on the product labeling for best results. Note: Cultured Stone should not be cleaned with any materials containing acids.

For more information Eaco Chem’s line of cleaners and sealers visit their website at

Mutual Materials Co. accepts no liability or responsibility for the misuse of products purchased which includes, but is not limited to, improper installation and/or application of product. 

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