Professional Mortars, Grouts, & Concretes

DesignMIX Type S Mortar DesignMIX Mortar – Type S

Professional grade mortar designed for use at or above grade applications. Available in 80 lb. bags.

DesignMIX Type N Mortar DesignMIX Mortar – Type N

Professional grade mortar designed for use above grade. Available in 80 lbs bags.

DesignMIX with RainBloc DesignMIX with Integral Water Repellant

Professional mortar with a water repelling additive. Available in 80 lbs bags.

Laticrete Masonry Veneer Mortar LATICRETE® MVIS Veneer Mortar

A patented, versatile polymer fortified adhesive mortar designed specifically for the installation of adhered masonry veneer, stone, and thin brick. Available in 40 lbs bags.

Laticrete Thin Brick Mortar LATICRETE® Thin Brick Mortar

MVIS Thin Brick Mortar offers tremendous utility including non-sag wall installations, build up of up to 3/4″ and thin set floor applications. Available in 50 lb. bags.

Laticrete Masonry Pointing Mortar LATICRETE® Masonry Pointing Mortar

A factory prepared, MVIS Pointing Mortar is designed to be mixed with water, Formulated from a blend of high-strength portland cement, graded aggregates, and color fast pigments. Available in 50 lb. bags.

Laticrete High Bond Masonry Veneer Mortar LATICRETE® Hi Bond Masonry Veneer Mortar

The ultimate, fast-setting, polymer fortified, adhesive mortar for interior and exterior installation of large format adhered masonry veneer, stone, ceramic tile, pavers, or thing brick. Available in 50 lb. bags.

DesignMIX Fine Grout DesignMIX Fine Grout

Available in 80 lb. bags.

DesignMIX Coarse Grout DesignMIX Coarse Grout

Available in 80 lb. bags.

DesignMIX High Strength Grout

Available in 80 lb. bags.

Target Concrete Mix Target Concrete Mix

For projects requiring a thickness of at least 2″ of concrete. Use for patios, sidewalks, footings, deck supports, anchoring posts, and curbs. Available in 60 lb and 80 lb bags.

Target Portland Cement Target Portland Cement (Type I-II)

Complies with all requirements of ASTM Specification C-150 for Type I and Type II Portland cement. Used with other ingredients in mortar on concrete. Available in 47 lb and 94 lb bags.

Type S Lime Lime – Type S

Hydrated lime, Type S conforms to ASTM C-207. Use with Portland cement and sand for mortar (not used for lining fields or yards). Available in 50 lb bags.


See the PDF files below for complete technical information on each of these products.


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