• Park Lane - Kirkland, WA
  • Harvest Blend
  • Harvest Blend
  • Eco-Priora
  • Hollands - Blend of Harvest Blend and Summit Blend
  • Eco-Priora - Harvest Blend

Park Lane

Park Lane is a clear example of planning and urban design ingenuity. After years of making repairs, the City of Kirkland decided to turn it into a “living street” using 36,000 square feet of our Eco-Priora permeable pavers and Holland interlocking concrete pavers. The surface design promotes walking and biking over driving with its abundant street furniture, and parking hoops for cyclists, as well as multiple art exhibits. Local business owners have offered unanimous praise for the new design and reported a surge of new customers as the project came to completion.

If you’re looking for a basic understanding of permeable pavers, check out our blog, Introduction to Permeable Concrete Paving.

If you want to get even more in-depth here are some more resources to help explain how permeable concrete paver system works.

Mutual Materials have a full line of permeable pavers for both residential and commercial applications.

Products Used

  • Permeable Pavers
  • Traditional Pavers

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