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Face Brick - Technical Information

The files below offer the technical information you need to get your project started.


PDF Face Brick Color Selection Guide
Includes all of Mutual Materials' Face Brick colors.
1.36 MB file.

url CAD Details provided by the B.I.A.
CAD Details from the Brick Industry Association's (B.I.A.) Technical Notes on Masonry Construction.
PDF Beyond Brick & Mortar
This B.I.A. piece discusses the use of brick in residential applications.
1.6 MB file.

PDF The Benefits of Building Green
This piece from the Brick Industry Association outlines how as the environmental consciousness of clients and society grows, building professionals will increasingly be asked to create projects that incorporate green design principles. You can confidently choose brick to help you achieve environmentally friendly, sustainable, LEED certified projects.
1.0 MB file.

PDF Design Guide for Anchored Brick Veneer Over Steel Studs
This Design Guide for Anchored Brick Veneer Over Steel Studs from Western States Clay Products Association incorporates what has been learned from an evaluation of past system performances, both good and bad.

PDF Face Brick Shapes Selection Guide
Includes all Standard, Modular, 4-4-8, Norman and Econ shapes, plus wall caps, coping brick and more.
2.94 MB file.

PDF Brick Fences & Entries
Ideas for designing Brick Fences & Entries.
700 KB file.

PDF Brick Fences & Entries: Design & Construction Details
Design and construction details for 4" Masonry Fences.
324 KB file.

PDF Cleaning Recommendations
Cleaning Recommendations for face brick and Kla-All Tile/structural brick.
48 KB file.

PDF Damp-Proofing Recommendations
Damp-proofing recommendations for face brick and Kla-All Tile/structural brick.
48 KB file.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Clay Brick, Concrete Block and Concrete Pavers.
244 KB file.

url M.I.W.'s Brick Technical Information
The Masonry Intitute of Washington's (M.I.W.) technical information provides guidance regarding the use of brick and CMU masonry.
url BIA Technical Notes on Brick Construction
Technical Notes on Brick Construction is a series of bulletins that contain design, detailing, and construction information based on the latest technical developments in brick masonry. Drawings, photographs, tables, and charts illustrate each topic. Fill out their quick survey for access to the Technical Notes.
PDF Building Green Brick Notes
325 KB File
Some Green benefits to building with brick.