3 Recent Improvements To CornerStone™ Retaining Wall

One of our most popular segmental retaining wall systems, CornerStone™ just got better for landscape designers and hardscape installers. Here are the improvements to the line, starting May 2018:

  1. Near vertical now available
    CornerStone 100-Series is now available in near-vertical, reducing setback between each course for cleaner sight line up the wall.
  2. Improved block shape
    New, chamfered bottom edge and hollow core helps make courses level and improves stacking on pallets
  3. Better packaging
    Now stacked where the lugs nest along the side of the blocks above, rather than sit directly beneath. This reduces chipping on the lugs, keeps pallets more level, and makes them easier to stack on a job site.

Near-Vertical 100-Series

In addition to our standard CornerStone series, we are now offering a completely new CornerStone 100-Series. These units have a newly-designed SecureLug interlock system, which reduces the batter between courses from 5/8” with our standard CornerStone units to 1/8”, making walls near vertical. This CornerStone system performs just the same as our standard CornerStone system, however, this near-vertical feature does not come with the 200-Series or 50-Series blocks.


Our new 100-Series blocks have been redesigned adding a chamfer along the bottom edge and hollow core. By adding the chamfer, this eliminate the presence of concrete “tags”, which will make courses more level and reduce the need for shimming. The CornerStone lugs have also been moved towards the back of the block on the 100-Series units. This allows for the same structural performance, but also allows for improved packaging on pallets.

New chamfers on the block edges and core


With the new packaging, CornerStone is stacked where the lugs nest along the side of the blocks above, rather than sit directly beneath them. This reduces the amount of chipping on the lugs and keeps pallets more level, making them easier to stack on a jobsite.

Nesting lugs on a pallet

Also, please note we will no longer be making CornerStone in khaki. However, we will continue to sell the remaining inventory.

We think you will be pleased with all of the changes to the CornerStone line. You can download the tech sheet for the near-vertical CornerStone here. If you have further questions, please contact your Mutual Materials sales representative.