Permeable Pavers – A Great Choice for Public Parks.

Hi –
My name is Manny and I like things made with Mutual Materials. Recently, I visited Town Center Park in Federal Way. It’s a brand new park that is both dog and kid-friendly. It’s right in the center of town and it was made using lots of Mutual Materials products. You can read more about the Town Square project on the Mutual Materials website here.

Below are a few things enjoyed at Town Square Park:

1) I walked my owner across the permeable pavement plaza, made from Mutual Materials permeable Holland pavers lined with clay pavers in that cool Mauna Loa color (rumor has it Mutual Materials produced 10,000 pavers for this job!).

2) I sniffed ALL around the Holiday Tree. It’s planted in a raised circular bed made from Mutual Materials Manorstone block and smells super interesting.

3) Finally, I sat impatiently by the chess board made with Vancouver Bay squares. I watched kids play in the new splash park and tried very hard not to run and join them.

If you visit Federal Way, I recommend this park. And if you want to build things with pavers or retaining wall block, I recommend Mutual Materials. I heard that permeable pavers are a great choice for public parks, something about helping the environment and managing stormwater runoff.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the outdoors!

Manny the dog