Adopt-A-Stream Chooses Eco-Priora For The Northwest Stream Center

permeable interlocking concrete pavers

Adopt-A-Stream Foundation was established in 1985 to ensure that Pacific Northwest streams continue to provide healthy spawning and rearing habitat for salmon, trout, steelhead, and other wildlife; while serving the growing population by providing clean drinking water, and beautiful places for rest and relaxation. For the last 30+ years Adopt-A-Stream has blossomed, educating students, community groups, and local municipalities on the importance of wetland restoration.

Over the years, through the generous donation of time and money, Adopt-A-Stream was able to create the Northwest Stream Center as a place for individuals, businesses, schools, and governments to work together in furthering their mission. Leased from Snohomish County, this 20-acre site in McCollum Park, encompasses two streams, a complex wetland system, and pockets of old second growth forest. With educational displays and a half-mile boardwalk through the grounds, the Northwest Stream Center provides a hands-on environment for visitors to learn about their role in the environment.

Mutual Materials Provides Eco-Priora To The Northwest Stream Center

Mutual Materials understands the importance of both community involvement and helping to protect our waterways. So when we had the opportunity to partner with Northwest Stream Center we jumped at the chance. We donated 1,340 square feet of Eco-Priora permeable pavers so Adopt-A-Stream could install a pedestrian-friendly walkway through the Center’s Trout Stream Exhibit, where visitors can view trout, crawfish, and freshwater mussels in their natural habitat.

Eco-Priora was the perfect choice for these walkways because of their ability to eliminate stormwater runoff, which typically carries pollutants into our storm drains. The geogrid underneath Eco-Priora filters stormwater runoff directly back into the soil while allowing the walkway to maintain its structural integrity. Any other interlocking concrete paver would direct runoff right back into the streams they are trying to protect.

We are excited that we were able to help Adopt-A-Stream stay true to their mission of cleaning up our watersheds, while at the same time providing a functional walkway that helps them spread their message. We look forward to continuing our work with Adopt-A-Stream and hope you will take the time to visit the Northwest Stream Center and learn about your impact on local waterways and what you can do to help.