Choosing the Right Paver for Your Project

Concrete pavers are a great alternative to a poured concrete patio or a wood deck. They are durable, easy to maintain, and provide a variety of looks, from rustic to modern. However, there are a seemingly unlimited number of choices when considering a paver for your project. So how do you decide which style is for you?

Well first you first you have to determine what purpose the pavers will serve. If it is for a patio or outdoor living space just about any paver will do. However, if it’s for a driveway you will have use a paver that is the appropriate thickness or aspect ratio; meaning it has to be thick enough of it could crack under the weight of a vehicle. Most small unit pavers will still work, but larger size pavers that are only 6cm or paving slabs are usually too thin.

Once you know the extent of your project, it really comes down to the look that speaks to you. In today’s market, concrete pavers come in a variety of textures. There’s the more traditional finish, giving you the look of concrete. There’s also a tumbled paver with worn edges that provides a more rustic, old world feel. Finally, there’s a slate texture designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone.

Pavers also come in a multitude of shapes and designs. The most common choice is a pure rectangular paver that can be found in Hollands or cobblestones. However, squares, tapered units, triangular, and longer rectangles are options as well.

Next, choose the color from a broad palette that suits you best. Concrete pavers come in dark grays, muted browns, eye-popping reds; and anywhere in between.

Roman Cobblestone - Cascade Blend
Cobblestone – Cascade Blend
Terra Villa - Harvest Blend
Terra Villa – Harvest Blend
Roman Dominion - Harvest Blend
Dominion – Harvest Blend
Old Dominion Squares & Recs - Rustic Blend
Old Dominion Squares & Recs – Rustic Blend
Terra Villa - Harvest Blend
Terra Villa – Harvest Blend

Finally, the last step is to consider whether you want to do the project yourself or hire a contractor. A simple patio or walkway can be done in a weekend, but major projects, like a driveway might take the help of an expert. Think hard about the time and effort it would take for you to get the outcome you desire. Good luck on your project.