City of Seattle Stormwater Management Code

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Do you install hardscapes within Seattle’s city limits? Did you know that the City of Seattle now has new guidelines for the management of stormwater and drainage with new construction projects? The new Stormwater Code and Manual came out last year, replacing the 2009 Green Stormwater Infrastructure Code, and aims to protect people, property, and the environment from damage inflicted by stormwater runoff. The Code addresses:

  • Drainage control
  • Where stormwater runoff needs to be directed
  • On-site stormwater management and why it’s important
  • Erosion control requirements for your project during construction on grading activities
  • Flow control and stormwater treatment requirements
  • How the Code is enforced

Separated into sections for convenience, the Code goes further to explain when a drainage review is needed, when a permit is required for grading and erosion control, infiltration investigation requirements, and Best Management Practices.

We want to keep hardscape installers informed of new rules so no one is caught by surprise when doing a project in Seattle. Kudos to those of you who are already aware of the new rules. To learn more about Seattle’s Stormwater Code click the link below.