Discover The Elegance Of Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers surrounding a swimming pool

Designed with a European contemporary style, porcelain architectural slabs are suitable for both commercial and residential designs in areas such as pedestrian walkways, patios, poolsides and outdoor living areas.

Mutual Materials Offers Porcelain Pavers To Help Give Your Project The Modern Look

Imported directly from Italy, porcelain architectural slabs elevate outdoor living atmospheres to a new level of sophistication. If you’re building a new contemporary home or upgrading your space to give it an avant-garde look consider using porcelain pavers for your patio, walkway or pool surround because they combine excellent technical performance and a unique aesthetic appeal. Our versatile range of porcelain tiles meet the evolved needs of indoor and outdoor design projects in a creative and functional way.

You can get a variety of looks with porcelain slabs, from wood to concrete to stone. Atlas Concorde, our supplier, reproduces the details of the material of inspiration with extreme naturalness. Etic PRO Rovere and AXI series have the appearance of a natural wood planks so they breathe new life into modern, cutting edge projects by offering intriguing chromatic contrasts to other materials. Our Trust and Brave series’, are inspired by natural stone and provide lush and enchanting details to your environment.

Porcelain pavers are stronger and lighter than concrete, easy to clean, and slip resistant. Additionally, they are 20mm thick making them light and easy to install. If you think porcelain pavers would be the key to your ultra-modern project and want more information, come into one of our showroom and check them out or download our sales sheet.