Hanging Holiday Decor on Brick, Concrete, Sheetrock, and Wood

‘Tis the season to be festive and decorate our homes and yards with holiday cheer!

With the fullness of Thanksgiving meals fading into recent memory and our days getting darker across the Pacific Northwest, the official holiday home decorating season has now begun. As we embark into December many of us are bringing out the holiday lights and decorations, ready to add some temporary holiday cheer, sparkle and decor into our homes and yards.

Whether you are an ambitious decorator building a seasonal wonderland or just need to hang some garland or wreaths, this article from the Houzz blog shares contractors secrets for hanging holiday decor. Particularly for brick, the sheer durability that makes it a terrific building choice can conversely make it a difficult material to hang things on. We’ve found a helpful article from Houzz.com with detailed advice for drilling and repairing holes to hang temporary holiday decor on brick, concrete, sheetrock and wood.

Mutual Materials wishes everyone smooth holiday decorating and a festive holiday season!


Click to read on Houzz.comContractor’s Secrets to Hanging Holiday Decor