Made in the NW | Mutual Materials


Have you ever been curious how bricks and pavers are made? Well thanks to Eric from Made in the NW and KPTV Fox 12, you can get a quick peek into the inner workings of Mutual Materials’ manufacturing plant in Gresham, Oregon.

First, Eric gets a tour of our concrete paver facility to see step stones manufactured. From the mixing of the cement to adding the mixture to the molds to getting the step stones into the kiln, Eric gets a firsthand view of how these pavers get are created.

Second, Jose gives Eric a tour of the brick plant, to witness the differences in the manufacturing process, where clay is added to the grinder, then screened to eliminate large chunks, fed into the siloes, which feed into the pugmill mixer. The final step feeds the brick through an extruder where wires cut bricks to the appropriate size.

Hopefully you caught the Made in the NW segment on KPTV on Saturday (3/9) or Sunday (3/10).

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