New AWS Pedestal Planning Sheet

The design of the new AWS Diamond Head Series® pedestal system has left customers with many questions regarding the use of all the components. With the help of our supplier, Puget Lite Pavers, Inc., we created a Pedestal Planning sheet to show a diagram of expected pedestal heights


AWS Diamond Head-Planning Sheet-FINAL

The Pedestal Planning Sheet serves to help installers by showing a cross-section of the height, pedestal components and pedestal component names.  The chart at the top corresponds similarly with the diagram at the bottom.  The planning sheet begins with a few assumptions: (1) the typical roof design is ¼” per foot, and (2) the design calls for 24 x 24 concrete slabs.

Starting on the left-hand side it shows a short height adjacent to the door threshold. Short vertical heights as small as 1/8” may be achieved with one single component, the Top Spacer with fins. Moving 24” to the right, the height of the support increases to ½” (due to the sloped roof) and is achieved with three components; a Top Spacer with fins, a ¼” shim and a slope compensator.  Notice the heights shown under the sloped roof and the corresponding heights in the chart are shown. As you continue reading from left to right the pedestal heights increase and the type of components are listed (or shown) accordingly.

After the pedestal height reaches 2-3/8” or higher, the number of components remain the same from 2-3/8” up to a pedestal height of 24” (which is the maximum height per the manufacturer).

Appian Way Systems has an awesome website for these pedestal components;  They have information on benefits, design & planning, installation and project galleries. They also have a calculator one can use to easily calculate the number of slabs and/or vertical pedestal units needed for a given project. The staff at Puget Lite Pavers is Rusty Sproatt and Garrett Jones. They share an email address and they can be reached at  or by phone at 206.418.0440