Clay Bricks

What works well on a façade and offers aesthetic and functional advantages? Clay bricks are renowned for their energy efficiency and great looks. They come in a variety of tones, which makes them excellent for exterior and interior uses. For example, red clay bricks look fantastic on walls, can be hollow, and occasionally feature decorative finishes. Specialists in the trade can assist you with the selection of a product you might feature on your façade and extend throughout a hardscape for a comprehensive property overhaul.

Looking beyond Red Clay Bricks

It is interesting to note that there are various brick colors you might select for your building project. Although many customers prefer the traditional good looks red clay brings to the table, some are open to other experiences. Mutual Material brick options include colors including modified granite, wheat, and charcoal. The selection of tones makes a significant difference in the overall appearance of the structure. Reused brick options are quickly gaining in popularity and add another facet to the exterior design.

Are you thinking of setting your own tone for the building project? Custom brick color blends could be precisely what you are looking for. They work well for the structure’s face and any planter boxes you may be putting together. Adding matching or complementing clay brick pavers finishes the look.

Many of our most popular colors and styles of stocking brick and Slimbrick are available through the Mutual Materials Online Store.

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