MOD Pizza

  • Location Bellevue, WA

In 2008, a husband and wife, inspired by trying to feed four boys, had the idea to create a restaurant that offered an authentic, hand-made product that could be turned out quickly. With the help of some friends, MOD Pizza was born. The concept was to sell pizza at a low price while paying the employees well.

The idea took off! MOD pizza opened their 100th location across the country in 2015 and planned to open 100 more in 2016, including five in the United Kingdom. As MOD continues to grow, they are designing their restaurants to convey a warm industrial look incorporating natural elements like brick, wood, and concrete. The look involves the use of Mutual Materials Slimbrick for creating this design aesthetic.

Using Classic Used Slimbrick, MOD Pizza gets the worn look of old brick, evoking the feel of turn-of-the-century buildings. It also serves as a canvas for the unique murals that appear in many of MOD’s locations. Slimbrick is created by cutting the face off of full-size brick to allow for easy installation in both interior and exterior applications. Installed in a similar manner to tile, Slimbrick comes in a variety of colors and textures to appeal to any designer’s vision.

“Classic Used Slimbrick is a “go-to” element for MOD Pizza because it adds an organic touch, giving new construction a warm, aged look.”

– Katie O-Donnell, Store Development Manager, MOD Pizza

For more information on how Slimbrick could meet your design purposes, contact a Mutual Materials representative at (888) 688-6250.

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