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Residential Slimbrick™

brick wall tiles

Thin Brick

Are you looking for a way to add character to a newly built home or replace missing pieces on an existing masonry feature? Slimbrick creates a seamless look with applications that include brick fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, floor-to-ceiling walls, and window accents. Choose from a variety of colors, including the classic red clay Inca and weather-worn gray Chateau, manufactured to look reclaimed. Slimbrick is available in flats and corners to create the appearance of full-size brick.

Slimbrick Creates Exposed Brick Walls

Slimbrick can be used for both interior and exterior wall applications. This thin brick product is not meant to be used for flooring applications and is not made of reclaimed material. Slimbrick comes in a more classic mission or dimpled texture. Slimbrick from Mutual Materials offers easy transport, installation, and cost-effectiveness. Add value to your home while making a great first impression.

Exterior & Interior Slimbrick

Interested in building an exposed accent wall or fireplace for your home? We carry a variety of colors. In addition to providing aesthetic value and low maintenance, our Slimbrick is intended to replace siding materials like tile, vinyl, wood or aluminum. While these materials provide the necessary protection, they do not offer the same thermal, acoustic, and fire protection of brick counterparts.

Are you interested in creating a fired clay backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom? We offer glazed brick tiles in a variety of colors, including Picket Fence (white), Forest (green) and Cobalt (blue). These glazed bricks are made by adding a glaze onto the face of a regular sized brick. Our brick tiles and thin veneers have 84% less embodied energy than full brick counterparts. Plus, because our bricks are manufactured locally and with post-industrial recycled content, they contribute to LEED credits. Mutual Materials proudly manufactures their residential brick products with regional materials.

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