Brick Color Collections:

Providing Beauty with Function
Covering the spectrum from white to red and back to black.

We offer a full palette of brick colors to help our customers meet their design requirements with aesthetic appeal. Want something more than a single color? Consider blending colors to create your own signature look.

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White to Gray

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White Glacier Desert White
Ivory Granite Modified Granite
Limestone Aspen Castle Gray
Pewter Mediterranean Redondo Gray - Mission
Redondo Gray - Smooth Redondo Gray - Smooth Sea Gray Sea Gray Imperial Gray Imperial Gray


Tans & Browns

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Seattle Cream Seattle Cream Wheat Wheat Goldenrod Goldenrod
Tan Terra Tan Terra Brown Varitone Brown Varitone Sepia Sepia
Sienna Sienna



Reds & Browns

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Royal Plum Royal Plum Ruby Ruby Columbia Red Columbia Red
Coral Coral Red Varitone Red Varitone Desert Rose Desert Rose
Amber Rose Amber Rose Chestnut Chestnut Imperial Red Imperial Red
Inca Inca - Mission Inca - Smooth Inca - Smooth Burgundy Burgundy - Mission
Burgundy - Smooth Burgundy - Smooth Autumn Blend Autumn Blend - Mission Autumn Blend - Smooth Autumn Blend - Smooth
Forest Blend Forest Blend - Mission Forest Blend - Smooth Forest Blend - Smooth Mountain Blend Mountain Blend - Mission
Mountain Blend - Smooth Mountain Blend - Smooth Ebony Ebony Mauna Loa Mauna Loa
Vintage Vintage Teal Brown Teal Brown


Traditional Reds & Browns

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Pacific Handmold Pacific Handmold Madrona Springs Madrona Springs Cedar Creek Cedar Creek
Old University Old University Vancouver Used Vancouver Used Homestead Used Homestead Used


Traditional Pastels

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Ashland Ashland Chateau Gray Chateau Gray Sierra Mist Sierra Mist
Harbor Mist Harbor Mist Alpine Mist Alpine Mist Canyon Mist Canyon Mist
Cascade Spice Cascade Spice


Traditional Iron Wash

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Clinker Clinker Windsor Windsor Covington Covington
Sheffield Sheffield Coal Creek Coal Creek


Traditional Tumbled Used

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Mutual Used Mutual Used Classic Used Classic Used Westport Used Westport Used