Mutual Materials honored as Building Trades Manufacturer of the Year

Exciting news!   Seattle Business magazine has chosen Mutual Materials as a 2016 Manufacturer of the Year. 

It is a proud honor for Mutual Materials to be recognized as a top manufacturing company. Receiving this award is the result of efforts across our entire company: manufacturing, distribution, fleet, branch operations, sales and administration.On the Seattle Business magazine website you can read about the awards or view a digital magazine edition.

Here are excerpts from the May 2016 edition of Seattle Business magazine:

screencap kendall seattle business magazine
Lots of companies may claim a place among the foundational firms of America. Mutual Materials actually makes the bricks, concrete blocks, masonry, pavers and walls that keep those businesses standing.


The 116-year-old Bellevue company has 440 employees — more than 60 percent of them in Washington state — and operates 10 manufacturing plants in the Pacific Northwest. Vertically integrated, Mutual Materials owns its own clay deposits and mines, operates its own transport fleet and sells products through 16 retail locations. It also has distribution through other retailers and dealers.


While building materials would appear to be one of the oldest industries, Mutual Materials puts modern technology to work in it, using robotics to stack products, place them on pallets and shrink-wrap them. It has also employed technology to cut manufacturing costs, reduce carbon emissions and decrease fuel consumption in its truck fleet.”