Consider Clay Brick For Inside and Out

Parchment Glazed Slimbrick kitchen backsplash

Decorating your home requires the selection of the right building materials to complement both your environment and aesthetic. People often choose brick because it is a timeless option that can be used to accommodate virtually any style, be it more traditional or modern. The possibilities and design choices are endless for a homeowner looking to incorporate brick into their dream home or remodel. Clay brick provides a sense of durability and sustainability; from backsplashes to driveways to wall veneer, how you use brick is only limited by your imagination.


Backsplashes are essential to protecting your walls from water and grease damage as well as chipping. Ceramic tile has come a long way providing a variety of styles and colors, but a tasteful Glazed Slimbrick®, or thin brick veneer, can really make your kitchen backsplash unique with a classic or contemporary look. Whether you’re looking to make a striking impression or go for something more subtle, Slimbrick comes in bright and neutral colors, as well as matte and glossy finishes. It also works great in bathrooms if you’re looking to create a shower or wall that will pop.


Red clay brick patio
Red clay brick patio

Pavers and Walkways

Since clay brick pavers are extremely durable, they are a great choice for driveways, pathways, and walkways in your outdoor living space. With their rich colors, homeowners can get that time-honored look that stands out from your typical concrete options seen in most yards today. The color also never fades since it’s made of clay. Brick pavers can even be made to create a patio or fire pit area with deep colors that complement any exterior setting.

Clay Pavers

Veneer and Accent Brick Walls

Face brick and Slimbrick are popular options for creating an exposed brick wall as an accent point in a home to draw attention. People often go with paint for accent walls, but the use of brick allows one to take things one step further by providing a textural depth beyond just a different color. To create some contrast, consider combining a brick wall with a natural stone veneer fireplace. If you want a really unique look, we provide custom blends and brick colors, and there is always the option of painted or washed brick.

If you’re looking to have your brick be a focal point on the outside, you can add a brick veneer exterior, whether it’s the whole house or wainscoting. Brick is also fireproof, insect-proof, and sustainable, giving you functional benefits in addition to its visual appeal. Not only does face brick make for a great veneer, it can be used to create chimneys, columns, and arches over doorways and fireplaces.

Clay Brick

Outdoor fireplace faced with Westport Used brick
Outdoor fireplace faced with Westport Used brick

Fireplace and Wall Seating

Brick products are not just for veneer and pavers. Brick can be used to face fireplaces, seating walls, and fence walls as well because of its durability and appearance. Mutual Materials offers brick in a seemingly endless variety of colors to make your fireplace or wall to complement your other design choices.

No matter how you plan to use bricks and to what extent, the colors and patterns that can be created alone are enough to add a brand new look to your home. We can’t wait to see how you use brick products and what you create!

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