Modern Farmhouse Design: How Brick Fits In

When it comes to decor, what’s old is new again. Whether you know it as classic, vintage, rustic, or traditional, the modern farmhouse look encapsulates America’s heritage and charm with its simple beginnings by featuring a throwback to a time when everything was handmade. Think old school Americana, with its faded, weathered look, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Brick can be a central part of the new modern farmhouse design look. With its rustic texture and comforting earth tones, brick fits in naturally. It’s flexible enough to be used in almost any room of the house or a home’s exterior siding.

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What is Modern Farmhouse Design?

The modern farmhouse style is based on the early American farmhouse look. It harkens back to days gone by; it’s welcoming, comfortable, and fresh. Most farmhouses had an open floor plan with a fireplace used for heating and cooking; nowadays, homes are generally much more complicated and expansive on the inside and outside.

Is farmhouse design a current trend in 2021? Yes, and will likely continue in to next year. It has been modernized by adding glossy accents, neutral color tones, and natural building materials while maintaining the practical, simple, and cozy look.

Elements of the farmhouse design look include:

  • Natural wood accents: Wood and other natural building materials were abundant. Farm homes usually had paneled wood walls, wide-plank floors, and exposed wood beams. Today’s classic farmhouse style often uses barn board for accent paneling and butcher block for countertops.
  • Apron sinks: Nothing says farmhouse like an apron sink. In a classic farmhouse, this sink is usually porcelain.
  • Vintage furniture and accessories: An easy way to decorate in classic farmhouse style is to use vintage furnishings. It’s best if they’re not in perfect condition and usually have weathered finishes. Vintage-inspired lighting looks ideal in a classic farmhouse.
  • Traditional fabrics: Decorating fabrics lean toward floral and paisley, and slipcovers give vintage furniture a second life.

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How Brick Fits in with Modern Farmhouse Design

You may not immediately think of brick when you think of a modern farmhouse plan, but brick can provide a natural look to any home seeking the modern farmhouse look. Brick has been used for generations and many older buildings made from brick are still standing. It has a clean industrial look that can be stunning on the interior and exterior home.

Brick provides a practical, simple style to any residence. The simplicity of the standard brick pattern and its many options fit in well with the classic American style. You can change it up with an artistic inspired pattern to highlight certain features or provide a new look. Brick’s ability to provide both structure and decor is unique in building materials. It’s available in many colors and textures, so it can fit in with any style or design, on the interior or exterior.

Certain brick and mortar colors go well with a metal roof or shingles while others go better with black shutters, so make sure you choose your brick type to match your aesthetic. Since brick ages well, it creates a new look as it naturally becomes distressed, or you can purchase your brick with a distressed look already built in. Weathered brick can provide a warm tone that speaks comfort.

Farmhouse design also highlights natural materials. Bricks is made from clay, shale, and water, all of which are naturally occurring and abundant. The natural look of brick, in its variety of earth tones, provides a connection to nature. This connection, called biophilia, provides psychological benefits to building occupants as well as improving mood and concentration.

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Using Brick to Bring the Farmhouse Look to Your Home

Brick can accent any room in the house. From bathroom to living room, if you have an existing brick wall, highlight it as an accent wall. Repair any broken or missing bricks and clean the wall to bring out the natural tones of the bricks. Use nostalgic art pieces and Americana décor to complement your new look.

Brick can also be used for chimneys, mantles, and fireplaces. Don’t have a wood-burning fireplace? Use brick to surround your electric or gas unit. Give it that homey feel without the expense of installing a new fireplace. Our Slimbrick is perfect for indoor veneers and accent pieces.

A patio or front porch is another great place to use brick (or clay pavers) as part of a modern farmhouse exterior. You can create stunning designs with brick patterns that create an atmosphere for outdoor living. Circles and spirals mimic natural patterns, creating a connection with Mother Nature, or stay with a more standard linear design, using long pavers to create a unique look.

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Why Brick is Perfect for a Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse design focuses on the roots of our culture: the American farm. It looks back at a time when everything was simpler, when home and decor were about comfort not style. Are you a homeowner that loves the farmhouse look? Brick can play a role in bringing out the look in your home. It can be used in a chimney, mantle, fireplace, patio, entryway, and accent wall to bring out the natural elements in your home. Whether weathered or new, bricks add warmth and texture to any home. Looking for something tailored to your needs? You may want to consider a custom brick blend that will fit right into your design!

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