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Isokern offers a simple way to build a high-end, masonry indoor or outdoor fireplace. Isokern fireplace and chimney components are lightweight while retaining UL 127 and UL 103 HT (respectively) listings. Consequently, our Isokern fireplace and chimney systems are less expensive than traditional masonry fireplaces. And unlike typical metal-box fireplaces or concrete systems, they are built to last forever. The added advantage is that you get to choose the veneer look that you desire. The end result is a great looking fireplace that lasts forever.

For more information on on Isokern Fireplace and Chimney components contact your local Mutual Materials representative or call 1-888-688-8250.




  • Fire Pit
  • Patio

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  • Double Smoke Dome Firebox

  • Isokern Magnum Firebox

  • Pizza Oven Top and Bottom

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