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Mutual Materials offers a full line of hardscape cleaners and sealers for concrete pavers, clay pavers, and segmental retaining walls. Here you will find the proper solutions for taking care of paver efflorescence and other aspects of paver maintenance. We carry products from SEK SureBond. Your Mutual Materials branch can recommend the right cleaner for your project.

Follow directions on the product labeling for best results.

Mutual Materials Co. accepts no liability or responsibility for the misuse of products purchased which includes, but is not limited to, improper installation and/or application of product. 



Efflo Off

Efflo Off is a buffered, non-acid, organic salts, technologically advanced concentrated cleaner designed for the removal of efflorescence, mineral and salt deposits from virtually any type of hardscape surface with minimal or no brushing. Available online.

SureClean SureClean

SureClean is a powerful, super concentrated non-acid multi-use cleaner that dislodges deep set dirt and grime, tire scuffing, and environmental soiling.

NMD 80

Recommended for professionals, NMD 80 Masonry Detergent, popular for cleaning mortar stains, is also an effective cleaning solution for hardscape installations. Available online.

SB-1300 SB-1300

SB-1300 Joint Stabilizing Sealer is a water-based, single component, acrylic co-polymer sealer and joint sand stabilizer. This product can be used inside and outside, on old and new pavements, sealing the surface and stabilizing joint sand at the same time. Available online.

SB-4000 SB-4000®

SB-4000 Water Repellent & Salt Blocker Invisible Penetrating Sealer is a water based, penetrating, breathable, silane/siloxane blend, low VOC sealer for horizontal and vertical surfaces. SB-4000 protects against water penetration and chloride salt damage from the use of de-icers or exposure to salt air. Available online.

SB-6000 SB-6000®

SB-6000 Wet Look Sealer is a proprietary water-based, modified latex, exterior quality sealer. SB-6000 will seal and enhance the beauty of new and old surfaces with a luxurious, wet look sheen with pronounced color enhancement and satin finish. Available online.

SB-7700 SB-7700

SB-7700 Joint Stabilizing Sealer is a water-based, single component, self-crosslinking acrylic co-polymer sealer and joint sand stabilizer with outstanding durability. Available online.

SB-8700 SB-8700®
SB-8700 Wet Look Joint Stabilizing Sealer is an advanced premium acrylic sealer that is ‘rain safe’ 90 minutes after application and will not yellow under exposure to sunlight. Available online.

SB-10 Paver Bond Adhesive

SB-10 Paver Bond

SB-10 Paver Bond is a quick curing, high strength, structural grade construction adhesive that can be used on retaining walls and caps, coping systems, masonry brick, natural and manufactured stone, slates and interlocking pavers. Available online.


Pave Tech Super WET Adhesive

Super WET is a great adhesive for retaining walls as it works in wet conditions, as well as in environments with a lot freeze-thaw instances. Available online.


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