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The do-it-yourself homeowner can do the laborious task of measuring the inside diameter and the outside diameter, estimating the pavers needed for a stone fire pit, and buying the fire ring, steel insert, or fire pit insert. But why would you want to? We have made it even easier to find, buy, and install your ideal fire pit with our ready-to-go Mutual Fire Pit Kits.

Available in three styles that are popular in the Pacific Northwest, our pre-packaged fire pit kits can be delivered on a pallet ready for installation, available to buy, and be delivered to your home or local Home Depot today! just prepare a base and you’re ready to go. You can build a fire pit as a weekend DIY project or hire a professional to install it for you*.

Mutual Materials Co. accepts no liability or responsibility for the misuse of products purchased which includes, but is not limited to, improper installation and/or application of product.

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Why Should You Build an Outdoor Fire Pit?

Fire pits are the centerpiece of many backyard hardscapes and provide a warm and inviting focal point for your yard with a unique place to unwind with friends and family. From roasting marshmallows to campfire stories, music or conversation, memorable moments can happen around fire pits.  Fire pits can also make for a good weekend project. For many years, people across the Pacific Northwest have trusted Mutual Materials retaining wall block to design and install unique their unique fire pit areas.


Fire Pit Kit Installation Instructions:

Round Fire Pit Kits are Best Sellers

If you are looking to add a fire pit to your outdoor area, we offer three ready-to-go styles in kits: Stonehenge Circle Fire Pit, StackStone Circle Fire Pit, and StackStone Square Fire Pit.  If you are looking to design a custom fire pit you can click here to see all styles of Mutual Materials retaining wall block, you could use.


Can You Build a Gas Fire Feature With These Kits?

While wood-burning fire pits are the most likely application, you may also use these fire pit kits to create natural gas or propane fire pits. If you want to go the gas route, we recommend purchasing a gas fire pit kit, stainless steel fire pan, fire glass, or lava rocks to enhance your outdoor living space. The installation and considerations are similar to outdoor fireplaces.


How to Convert Fire Pit to Gas!



RomanStack Round FirePit 58"

39" Square Fire Pit


*Installation note: Fire pits are combustible areas, please take care in your site selection and base preparations for installation away from flammable areas or items that could be damaged by heat or flame.


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